Outreach Focus

Local Outreach

Fishing Trip with Hmong Children from East St. Paul

A Growing Hmong Population

Love in Action tries to keep busy all summer, every summer. We’ve spent the last several years targeting low income areas of the Twin Cities, spreading the Good News and combating economic shortfall with free clothing, food, toys, and school supplies.

A few years ago, Vern and Mary spent a lot of time on the streets of East St. Paul, addressing the needs of a newly burgeoning Hmong population by delivering food, clothing, and of course, the gospel. We’ve have also sponsored day trips with Hmong children, taking them fishing for example, while giving overwhelmed parents a short break from the vigorous demands of parenting what are often large families.

According to “Migration Information Source,” “Since 1975, more than 200,000 Hmong have fled Laos as refugees. Thailand has been the staging arena for the resettlement or repatriation of most Hmong refugees” […] “Because of their role in the US-led war in Laos, approximately 90 percent of Hmong refugees have been resettled to the United States.” We know that the love and promise of Jesus Christ is available to everyone. (“There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 3:28) Not only do we at LIA have a passion for caring for those in need, but also for reaching out to immigrant communities so they can make ends meet, establish themselves within the culture, and come to realize their potential not just as welcome U.S. citizens, but most importantly, as members of God’s family.

Roosevelt Community Center — Clothing and Bike Giveaway

Summer bicycle giveaway in East St. Paul

We have been fortunate to host multiple Clothing Giveaways and Bicycle Raffles at the Roosevelt Community Center in St. Paul. We have been blessed to find volunteers and private donors stepping to the plate to make this large annual outreach possible.  We like to target this area of Saint Paul because of its high economic need. We bring truckloads of largely clothing, but also shoes and toys as well, to freely distribute to those in need.  Although we would love to give every child a brand new bicycle, we don’t have the kind of resources to make that happen.  Fortunately, there have been enough donated to warrant a Bicycle Raffle at our annual giveaways.  Again, we wish we could see every child living in this housing community experience the joy of receiving a new bike, but we know that God’s provision is always enough and for that we are grateful!

Perusing the tables at the Clothing Giveaway, Iglesia de Dios Monte Sinai

Iglesia de Dios Monte Sinai

One of the more meaningful partnerships that has been made within the last couple of years was between Love in Actions’s Pastor Vern Norton and Iglesia de Dios Monte Sinai’s Pastor José Luis. In a part of South Minneapolis heavily populated by Hispanics, Love in Action was able to communicate the message of the Gospel in Spanish as Pastor Luis graciously shared his services and his team to making the Summer Clothing Giveaway a success.  With the help of partnering churches and ministries, we are capable of casting a wider net and reaching a larger audience. (“Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19.)

Focusing on North Minneapolis

As mentioned, our recent focus in outreach is North Minneapolis.  This is an area of the Twin Cities that has long been plagued by crime and poverty. There is a lot of need for God’s provision, encouragement and the love of Christ in this area. In the aftermath of the tornado that struck the area in 2011, many vulnerable individuals were left stranded in devastated homes without the financial resources to rebuild or even procure daily necessities. Vern and Mary Norton went door to door, delivering free groceries and asking how their network might be of assistance in weathering the hardship.

We will continue to work the streets, spreading the Gospel, and bringing clothes, food and assorted sundries to those in need.

 National Outreach

Community outreach on the Standing Rock Reservation

Love in Action is active not only in the Twin Cities, but travels the country as needs dictate, resources permit and partnerships are formed. The American Indian population in the United States has been one often plagued by economic hardship, social and familial problems.  Clothing and food giveaways are signature outreach projects for us, and within the last couple of years, we were blessed to take action in South Dakota at the Standing Rock Reservation. Trucks of clothing and other provision made the trek West to reach families in need in reservation communities that are often forgotten or overlooked.

Christmas & Holiday Outreach

Christmas outreach in South Minneapolis, Mary and kids

Remember that the holiday season can be one of great joy and togetherness for many, but can be a stressful time punctuated by worry and need for those facing economic hardship. There are many worthy clothing and food drives around the Christmas season, but we strive not only to empower parents to make their child’s Christmas a happy occasion, but also to share the message of Christ’s love and the reality of his promise of security to those who would look to Him for their direction. Please continue to help LIA bless families and individuals with a happy and abundant holiday season. (“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things [provision] will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6:33)

Outreach International

Love in Action not only works locally to serve those in need and share the message of Christ’s love, but travels overseas as resources permit. We are blessed to have had the opportunity to reach out to communities in Germany, (specifically New Ulm), Switzerland, and countries in Eastern Europe.

Ongoing Home Food Deliveries

Love in Action regularly delivers food to communities in need, targeting mainly North Minneapolis, St. Paul, and northern suburbs.  Your support is always appreciated as we try to address the very real economic shortcomings of families and children in need of the basic staples of life.

Back to School Initiative

School Supplies for Giveaway

Love in Action knows that the start of school can be a stressful time for families that are struggling to make ends meet. Extra annual expenses such as holidays, birthdays and the need to buy school supplies for children can strain the family budget. Throughout the month of August, we have been work on acquiring school supplies to distribute to families in need. As we are coming into the last week before the start of a new school year, LIA would like to thank all of our volunteers in this effort and to our donors for making this possible.